Thursday , November 23 2017

Why Some Chemo Patients Choose Expensive Cold Cap Therapy


Life stopped when 28-year-old Kelsey McLaughlin found out she had stage-three breast cancer. “It felt like someone cruelly reached down out of the sky and pressed a pause button in the timeline of my life,” she tells SELF. “I’m a planner through and through, so to feel like my ability to …

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How A Single Meal Can Give You Liver Cancer


A doctor in Thailand has started a new campaign to try and prevent people from eating a local dish that can kill them. Spurred on by the deaths of his parents, he is trying to educate people as to the dangers of eating the much-loved delicacy that contains raw fish. The dish …

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Young cancer patient needs your help


Dar, a resident of Kralkhud Bhagwanpora, is on chemotherapy and has already spent nearly 1.5 lakh rupees so far. The family of a young cancer patient from Srinagar has appealed for help to fund his treatment. Muhammad Younis Dar, 38, is scheduled to go under the knife next month, they …

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