Sunday , September 24 2017

U.S. Admits Cannabis DOES Kill Cancer Cells


It’s official – cannabis does kill cancer cells. There have been rumblings in the past, following reports that scientists have conducted tests with the drug, and now the U.S. government have one hundred per cent confirmed the news on their website. In a page of official advice, the U.S. government …

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Bride Shaves Head on Wedding Day to Honor Husband


A woman from the U.K. chose a very unusual day to shave her head: her wedding day. After her fiance Craig was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Joan Lyons decided she would start a fundraising campaign. The fundraising extended to her wedding reception, where she had her head shaved on the …

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Antioxidants Can Make Cancers Worse


While many proponents of dietary antioxidants or supplements will claim they have incredible anticancer properties, amongst other things, the literature on these molecules is conflicting and animal and human studies of antioxidants as a potential cancer therapy have been largely disappointing. In fact, some trials have even found that antioxidant …

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