Thursday , November 23 2017

10 Things Every Cancer Patient Should Know About Chemo


“Will I lose my hair? Can I still be around my grandson? Do I have to wear a mask?” These are a few of the questions my patients often ask me as I talk with them about the side effects of chemotherapy. During these conversations, I start off talking about certain side …

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Eating Vag Causes Cancer, According To Science


I’m the type of guy who always goes down. Not only do I love doing it, but there’s absolutely no way my 4-inch dude piston is going to do any sort of damage on its lonesome. Does this make me a people pleaser? Possibly. But if I want a shot …

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6 Cancer Fighting Snacks & WHY they fight cancer


No matter if you’ve chosenchemotherapy, radiation, and surgery or alternative methods to beat your cancer, it’s important to eat healthy. But finding the best snack options can sometimes be tricky and can present questions like: What should be avoided? What snacks will help? Are there snacks that have cancer fighting properties? How do …

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