Saturday , November 25 2017

This Herb Destroys 98% Of Cancer Cells In Less Than One Day


Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals succumb to cancer and other chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The sad thing about these diseases is that it is possible to prevent them, even cancer. While there are medicines and treatments that can be acquired to help the patient cope with these …

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10 Things Your Loved One with Cancer Wants You to Know


When a family member or close friend receives a cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming for those who are close to them. Often the cancer diagnosis changes those relationships in unanticipated ways that can make communication more difficult or even uncomfortable. Continue reading to learn about 10 Things Your Loved …

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Aspirin can reduce risk of death from cancer,research says

A new set of pilot programs to help rein in painkiller abuse at the new Kaiser Permanente office and pharmacy in Castle Rock has special rules including no filling of painkiller scripts on Monday or Friday.  Denver, Colorado, Tuesday,  March 13,  2012.      Joe Amon, The Denver Post

An aspirin a day may keep the doctor away. It may also reduce your chances of dying from cancer, according to a study on long-term regular aspirin use and different kinds of cancer. Yin Cao, an instructor in the Medicine, Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and …

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5 Things Your Friend Who Beat Cancer Wants You To Know


Beating cancer isn’t always as “happy” as you would expect it to be- the effects of having cancer are long lasting and everyone experiences them differently. Read more below. After beating cancer, many survivors feel different than they did before cancer- but the people around them may not always realize …

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Birthday wish: how you can help a teen battling cancer


A special birthday request from a teen diagnosed with cancer, Aaron Stamper is asking for a mailbox full of birthday cards as he turns 16. Aaron Stamper’s mother Diane told WLEX-TV, “it would mean a great deal to know it would bring him joy.” His mother continued, saying each card will give Aaron the …

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Things to Offer Comfort to a Cancer Patient

The American Cancer Society reports that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Most people know someone who has suffered from cancer. It is a painful disease, and for the friends and family of those living with cancer, it can be difficult to know how …

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