Monday , May 29 2017

7 Tips for Coping With Chemobrain


  One of the most distressing problems cancer patients may face, both during and after treatment, is “chemobrain,” or “chemofog” — the inability to focus, concentrate, remember, or simply think as well as they did before their cancer diagnosis. Chemobrain is often at its worst for the first few years …

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Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know


You’ve probably seen today’s headlines, about the fact that processed meat has been classified as a ‘definite’ cause of cancer. And red meat is a ‘probable’ cause. The decision – coordinated by a respected international body – has been so highly anticipated by the media that speculation about the announcement …

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17 Things No One Tells You About Breast Cancer


I don’t want to seem like an ungrateful bitch (one whom ironically practices Gratitude) but I feel the need to vent a little.  I have cancer, so you will have to forgive me (nice use of the “C-Card,” right?) I’ll begin today by telling a good story, one quite appropriate for …

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