Wednesday , April 26 2017
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7 Tips for Coping With Chemobrain


  One of the most distressing problems cancer patients may face, both during and after treatment, is “chemobrain,” or “chemofog” — the inability to focus, concentrate, remember, or simply think as well as they did before their cancer diagnosis. Chemobrain is often at its worst for the first few years …

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Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know


You’ve probably seen today’s headlines, about the fact that processed meat has been classified as a ‘definite’ cause of cancer. And red meat is a ‘probable’ cause. The decision – coordinated by a respected international body – has been so highly anticipated by the media that speculation about the announcement …

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Six Foods That Increase Or Decrease Your Risk Of Cancer


If you believe cancer is a disease that strikes from nowhere with little in your control to prevent it, you’d be mistaken on both counts. Most cases of cancer are considered preventable by positive nutrition and lifestyle choices. Six new nutrition cancer prevention guidelines published today in the Journal of …

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