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How to Have Fun With Cancer: The Amazing Story of a Woman Who Refuses to Be Her Illness

We all know that cancer is tough, traumatic, and emotionally draining. However, Lindsey Hope, from Montreal Canada fights to prove otherwise. Not only is she a wise girl beyond her years, she is also an inspiration, making a campaign to make a more positive experience through the darkness. She has been posting hilarious photos, pictures of her nails being painted during chemo, and using the hash tag #howtohavefunwithcancer as a means to end the sadness of the experience. Truly, watching Lindsey’s journey is more than entertaining, its a means to leave the sadness behind and embrace the good moments in life.

Tata To my Tatas

Saying tata to my TATAS!!! 👋🏻 #booblerette #howtohavefunwithcancer #TeamHope

Une publication partagée par Lindsey Hope (@tatatomytatas) le

One great example is another catch phrase of our hero. Since she had to get a surgery on her breasts, she celebrated with cookies that said “Tata to my tatas”, and that is the hilarious side of her experience.

“The only time I will ever look back is to see how far I’ve come”


Lindsey had quoted this, and it is probably one of the most inspirational quote anyone could say in order to keep their heads up high and their warrior suits ready for battle. It is easy to let yourself fall into the sadness of cancer, and obviously that’s okay too, but to see someone make a campaign in order to bring hope to other women with breast cancer is something extraordinary. Lindsey’s vulnerability and truth is nothing short of incredible, and she sets an example for not only cancer patients, but for people struggling with anything that holds them back.

Follow Lindsey on her journey

You’ll laugh and your heart will be warm enough to keep you satisfied and inspired!

For so many nights after my surgery I questioned if I made the right decision. Was this pain really worth my health? Could I have opted for just a #lumpectomy (removing the malignant lump) – the healing process would have been a breeze in comparison. After finding out my #pathology results on Thursday, I found out that inside my little A-cup breast were 6 other #malignant #tumours. This little bitch SPREAD!!! My tumours were ranked “Grade 3” which basically means that they were growing quickly and spreading fast (thankfully not outside my breast). Imagine I had opted for the lumpectomy? After healing, those 6 tumours could have spread into my lymph-nodes and I would have assumed I was living #cancerfree. Thank gd I made the right choice and had a #doublemastectomy. #gdhasaplan #breastcancer #cancerawareness #FUCKCANCER #booblerette #tatatomytatas #TeamHope

Une publication partagée par Lindsey Hope (@tatatomytatas) le

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