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Hospital Gives 9-Year-Old Boy with Terminal Cancer Early Christmas Before He Dies


Jacob Thompson got a cancer diagnosis when he was only 5 years old. Now, at age 9, doctors are encouraging his family to spend as much time with him in the coming days.

The official diagnosis was stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. This is the most common form of childhood cancer and the leading cause of childhood cancer deaths.

Recently, the cancer has spread to various parts of Jacob’s head. It forced him to be admitted into the hospital, where he’s expected to remain, indefinitely.

Since he went into the hospital on Oct. 11, Jacob’s cancer has spread to various areas of his body including his hip. He suffers from constant pain, which has limited his ability to walk and move around.


Jacob’s favorite holiday is Christmas. Unfortunately, doctors don’t expect him to make it that long.

To ensure that Jacob doesn’t miss his last visit from Santa, his family decided to celebrate early. They will take the next weekend to throw him a Christmas celebration.

The hospital and Jacob’s family are pulling out all the stops for Jacob’s last Christmas. They’re decorating his room and hiring a Santa Claus to come and entertain the boy.

This year, Jacob can expect a long list of cards and gifts from across the country. His story has spread, and touched the hearts of many individuals as we approach the holiday season.

“Jacob is your pretty typical 9 year old boy. Jacob’s passions include MineCraft, Legos, Youtuber Dan TDM, Trolls, Star Wars, swimming and singing along to his favorite songs,” Jacob’s stepmother, Tara Artinya wrote on Facebook. “He’s a photographer, director, teacher, singer/songwriter, gamer, and comedian.”

“Orange is Jacob’s favorite color, 32 is his favorite number, and penguins are his spirit animal. Jacob never goes anywhere without his entourage of Penguin, Baby Penguin and his orange blanket,” Artinya continued.

“He loves cards from all people,” Jacob’s father, Roger Guay, told WCSH. He welcomes well wishes and cards from all who want to send Jacob kind words.

“He wants I-tunes cards,” Guay said. “He plays this game Sim City where he builds an entire city and he can use his I-tunes cards to by gems which helps the process move a little faster”

As Jacob’s story spreads, more and more cards and presents keep rolling in. Some people in the area have even volunteered to sing Christmas carols to Jacob.

Those from outside the area have filmed videos and sent them in as well. Jacob loves getting homemade Christmas cards, and he’ll have no shortage of those this year.

The family never expected the high cost of putting together a funeral. For those who want to help support Jacob and his family, there is a GoFundMe account for his funeral expenses.

If you want to contribute to Jacob’s last Christmas, you can send your gifts and cards to the address below. With everyone’s help, we can make Jacob’s last Christmas the best he’s ever had.

Jacob Thompson
C/O Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

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