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Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

An excess of dietary fat allows cancer cells to spread and replicate at an alarming rate, which is why breast cancer is so frightening and dangerous for women who have been diagnosed. This type of dietary fat in the breasts amasses by steady consumption of oils and saturated fats in processed meats, cheeses and junk food. En mass these fats raise estrogen levels that, in turn, increase tumor growth and allow carcinogenic cells to live in other surrounding tissues more easily. Some foods have been shown to reduce or reverse the spread of cancer cells.


Green Vegetables

  • According to, just about any green vegetable is rich in phytochemicals, Vitamin C and calcium. Eating it raw or lightly cooked is best; long cooking times break down most of the helpful cancer-fighting nutrients. Broccoli is the best, but other cruciferous vegetables–cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnips–are right up there. Spinach and salad greens have loads of Vitamin A and folate, both of which are found to decrease breast cancer risk and development.

Red Fruits and Vegetables

  • Lycopene–prevalent in tomatoes, watermelon and red grapefruit–is one of the strongest antioxidants. Antioxidants quickly help repair cells that are vulnerable to the spread of cancer. Lycopene is known for being an excellent dietary supplement because of its high level of antioxidants. The highest amounts of lycopene are actually found in pastes, juices and sauces made from these fruits and vegetables.


  • Phytochemical- and fiber-rich beans are incredibly important when fighting breast cancer, or any cancer, as they induce your intestinal tract to flush carcinogenic toxins from your system at a higher rate. Serve them as sides or toppings; add them to salads, healthy pizzas, tacos. Hummus, made from chickpeas, will help clean out your body and gastrointestinal tract to allow healthy antioxidants to be absorbed more easily. They are also high in specific cell-repairing proteins integral to fighting cancer. Eat whey protein, lean meats and eggs to help bolster these proteins.

Fatty Fish

  • Eat fatty fish 2 to 3 times a week to increase your Omega-3 fatty acid level, which blocks a protein called kinase C beta II that is susceptible to cancer. Salmon is the richest in Omega-3s–though tuna, whitefish and sardines are on par. Uncooked fish–sushi–is best since heat breaks down the nutrients.

Iced or Hot Tea

  • Black and green tea especially are loaded with antioxidants and there is increasing evidence that this is one of the healthiest things to consume in general, and when fighting cancer. The antioxidants slow or stop the spread of aggressive cancer cells. Four to six cups a day is recommended by dietitian Diana Grant Dyer, who has lived most of her life battling cancer.

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